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Machine translation from English to Czech

Machine translation from Czech to English

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– Proofreading Text Translated Using Trados (1)

– Proofreading Text Translated Using Trados (2)

– My professional life from 15 September 2009 to 14 March 2010

Translations and interpreting: English and Czech

Services offered: Translations and interpreting (English, Czech)

Typically, I translate from English to Czech. The texts I translate include economic, financial, technical and legal documents. Examples of some frequently translated documents: contracts and agreements, internal documents of companies (policies, circulars, bulletins), press releases, operation manuals to various products, IT systems, etc.

I work in MS Windows environment (MS Office). I use special translating software: Wordfast, Trados, TStream, Logoport, SDL. I am used to work with programming code (e.g. PHP), HTML, XML etc. – I can extract the necessary content to be translated, do the translation and then put the new text back without touching the remaining code. The tools I use allow for using various job-specific glossaries (customer’s own terminology), they are however specially developed for using Translation Memories (TM), which help to achieve better consistency of translations, if more translators are involved or if the translating process covers a longer period. The signeta.cz domain hosts a publishing house as well – this reveals that I have experience with various DTP software too.

I share my office (as well as the rest of our flat) with a professional editor, who studied Czech language at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague. In case of translations from English to Czech, she can do the final editing work. Although my service offer focuses mainly on written translations from English to Czech (my mother tongue), we can agree on jobs to be translated into English too. My standard delivery period is based on translating 3000 words per day. If your job requires to translate more than 3000 words per day, it is considered as urgent and special pricing applies.

If your translated documents are confidential, we can enter into a standardized Confidentiality Agreement.

If you want more information, quotation or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me using any of the contact information specified below.

All right... I am not a robot of-course. I like running, the game of Tantrix, Dilbert cartoons and many other things. And I reserve the right to refuse text that I really dislike (e.g. on chemicals for killing pests).

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Official business name: Jan Dvorák
Address: Vodojemská 553, 19014 Praha 9
Company ID: 648 94 118
VAT No.: CZ7009160114 (registered for VAT in CZ)

E-mail: jd.signeta@gmail.com
Phone: +420 603 357 745, +420 281 962 185
FAX: +420 281 960 362
Skype: jan.dvo My status

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Machine translation from Czech to English (Powered by Google) (4 March 2010)

What’s new on the blog:

My professional life from 15 September 2009 to 14 March 2010 (24 March 2010)

Proofreading Text Translated Using Trados (2) (12 March 2010)

Proofreading Text Translated Using Trados (1) (3 March 2010)

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